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5 Marketing Practices for Your Service-Based Business

A service-based business differs markedly from a product-based business. Without a commodity and inventory, you must sell ideas, intangibles, and promises. This takes a different strategic approach and practices that many service-based business owners never quite understand. The following are five marketing practices you should implement for your service-based business.

1. Find Your Unique Position

You must know what differentiates your service-based business from the competition. If you don’t see it, you must work at finding and naming it. A small service-based business cannot afford to be similar to or better than. It must be different, clearly so, and measurably distinct. And, the difference cannot be something as vague as quality and customer service.

It could be price, delivery assurances, turnaround time or other benefits unique to the way you do things more than what you do. In addition, whatever you decide on, you must reduce it to a few clear words, your central...

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