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5 ways you can crush media and PR for your small business.

media public relations Jan 04, 2019

2019 is here. As the New Year begins, resolutions are being made. That includes resolutions for your small business.

But, what if you don’t believe in making resolutions? And even if you do, for some of us, they simply don’t work.

That’s fine. How about we just focus on getting it done this year? If you’ve been thinking about doing some public relations and media exposure for your small business, there are some easy ways to get the ball rolling.


Here are five ways you can make it happen for your small business when it comes to PR:


  1. Neglected to reach out to media? Not sure how to start? Tackle it head on by first deciding what type of media coverage would be most beneficial. Is it local coverage? Coverage in trade publications? Print or broadcast coverage? Then, put together a list. It doesn’t have to include hundreds of media outlets. Focus on five or 10 to start. Even selecting one target to pursue can be a beginning, then you can build...
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