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We pride ourselves in offering our own specialized brand of "E-PR" -- savvy digital public relations specially crafted for today's fast-moving digital world. 

Branding & Marketing

Overall strategy, earned media (local, regional, and national print, TV, radio and online sources), social media, corporate social responsibility, cybersecurity, government affairs, op-eds, press kits and events (leadership summits, employee meetings, community forums).

Influencer Relations

Almost all our plans include strategies around reaching influencers. Who needs to know about your organization or product? How do we connect with them? How do we keep them informed?

Digital & Social Media Communications

Compelling digital content, social media strategies and programs: digital marketing plans, content creation (video, copy, photos, social media), email marketing/newsletters, online advertising, SEO/SEM, blogger outreach, website design and development.

Issues & Crisis Management

We help organizations develop crisis plans and teams, rehearse scenarios and manage challenging events as they happen.

Creative Services

Graphic design, logos, naming, packaging, and ongoing content creation including blogging and copywriting.

Media Training & Presentation Skills

Individual and group training for print and on-camera interviews and presentations, message preparation, what to do in difficult situations, media do’s and don’ts, and more.

Let's Get People Talking

We know how to contact the press in the ways they most prefer, and we do so with courtesy and know-how. Most of our contacts are press professionals we've talked to for 15+ years.


We not only have fantastic lists, we also build specialized target lists for each person or product we promote. This superb and personalized network of contacts has resulted in consistent results across a variety of topics, demographics and niches.


PR That Does The Job... And Gets Results!

To the uninitiated, PR can seem a little like smoke and mirrors. Here at EMM, we provide you with support that's straightforward, strategic, and effective.  We believe in PR that ultimately proves its value to you directly, and that pays for itself.




PR That Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

Schedule a free 15 minute strategy call to discuss how we can help your brand with PR and Media or even if you simply have a general question about public relations.


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